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WMU offers organizations and approaches, as well as ministries, that enable every member of the church to learn about missions, become involved in missions, and live a missional lifestyle. WMU offers many opportunities to fulfill the six objectives of WMU that are at the heart of missions education.

Through the organizations and approaches, adults, students, children, and preschoolers learn about the work and needs of missionaries. There are opportunities to participate personally in missions projects as well as develop a missions lifestyle—something for everyone.

Do not worry if your church is small and cannot offer all of the organizations or approaches. Offer those that meet the needs of your congregation. Many churches begin with only one children’s organization. Some begin with an adult organization. What works well in one church may not work in another. Perhaps a combination of approaches, organizations, and church-wide activities work best for your church. The important thing is that all people have the opportunity to radically participate in the mission of God.


True Life

"Pastor, gives your people an edge and the courage to invite people to your church. I personally encourage you to take advantage of Hey, go for it!"

Josh McDowell - Josh McDowell Ministries

Standing Stone Ministry

Pastors, Wives, and others!

Walk With Someone Who Knows the Path

Too many of our pastors feel alone on a ministry journey full of obstacles. They realize that schooling and training did not prepare them to face such difficulties and wonder if they will be able to succeed.

Our Shepherds have years of experience walking in the shoes you wear. They know the challenges, difficulties, frustrations, and discouragement you have encountered on your ministry journey while trying to care for people in your church and community.

Although our Shepherds have struggled with feelings of being inadequate, isolated, unappreciated and misunderstood, they have overcome the pain of being judged, betrayed, and undervalued and want to share how they made it through their journey while still loving God and His people. They are a safe harbor, they will not judge what you share and they will provide complete confidentiality.

Seeing the Challenge Ahead

Some pastors see challenges and believe they are insurmountable. Our Shepherds look at them with a sense of wonder and see a great opportunity for significant success. They want to help you navigate the difficult challenges facing you. Utilizing their wisdom and experience can make the difference in your ministry success.

Our Shepherds have been trained to walk with pastors and other ministry leaders as they unpack the pressures and problems they face, without having to fear the loss of their job or reputation. They are passionate about serving pastors and may just make the difference between ministry success or ministry burnout. If you would like one of our Shepherds to contact you please CLICK HERE.

Journeying Together

Our Shepherds are funded by their own ministry support teams which are also committed to helping you succeed and remain on your ministry journey. Standing Stone Shepherds willing serve at no cost to you or your church. We need you to be healthy and feel supported by people who appreciate and value the unique calling on your life.


  • Your vision for ministry has not only blessed our lives, but will be a blessing to the lives of those we reach.

– Standing Stone Mentee

Covered Worship Services

Covered Worship Services is a unique way for your church to provide weekly up-to-date and inspirational worship experiences.

Designed for the church which struggles to provide a good worship experience because of the lack of a worship leader, musicians, or equipment - Covered Worship Services provides your church an avenue to meet that need.

Protect My Ministry
Protect My Ministry partners with the Missouri Baptist Convention and the International Mission Board, along with other SBC groups, and does staff and volunteer screening for churches and ministries.
Resources provided by the IMB for reaching those around you.
Pregnancy Resource Center
Think you're pregnant - don't go through it alone.
Facts & Trends
Published by LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention to give you Biblical solutions for life.
Sabbath Rest : Rest-Refocus-Renew
Sabbath Rest is a small retreat house designed for a pastor / missionary / minister and their wife to have a place where they can rest, refocus, and renew to accomplish their God-given calling.
OneLife projects
Find out how you can help change the world by helping change one life at a time.
The Baptist Home


It can be difficult to find a lifecare home for your loved one that shares your faith and values. You can trust The Baptist Home to provide Christlike care in a loving environment that will give you peace of mind knowing your loved one is living their best life in a Christian community.

Mission Dignity

Mission:Dignity® honors retirement-age Southern Baptist ministers, workers and widows struggling to meet basic needs through advocacy and financial assistance.

Mission:Dignity is the heart of GuideStone® and has been at the center of our work since we started more than 100 years ago.

Dignity for All Retirement-age Southern Baptist Ministers, Workers and Widows

Through this ministry, more than $8.5 million is distributed annually to help retirement-age Southern Baptist ministers, workers and their widows whose income is insufficient to meet their needs. These men and women have faithfully served God’s people and now find themselves struggling to meet even basic needs. Many served small, rural churches that paid only modest salaries and couldn’t afford to contribute to their pastor’s retirement.

Peacemaker Ministries
A Ken Sande ministry
South Missouri Baptist Assembly
The is the Baptist Camp in Van Buren Missouri
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