October 2020  
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The Unstuck Church Podcast: Help for getting your church unstuck.
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With so many hurting, broken, confused, overwhelmed - God is ready to bring a revival and spiritual awakening.


Is your church in need?

Each year close to 900 churches in the U.S. hold their final service, closing their doors and ending their gospel proclamation in their community. Closure is often the result of unaddressed gradual decline which has occurred over decades. Churches don’t need to die, they can experience renewal and rebirth. The Missouri Baptist Revitalization Network exists to help churches understand their condition, address their issues and concerns and return to health and vitality.

Is your church healthy or in danger of closure?

       In Missouri                                            Let us help you. 

  • 34% of Churches are growing
  • 18% are plateaued
  • 48% are in decline


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