CCSBA Ministry Resources

Assistant: Sandy Arnold

CCSBA has several resources which your church may want to utilize.

1.  The Jesus Van - This is a 2015 Chevy 15 passenger van with less than 50,000 miles.  It is available to any of our churches to use in their ministry. Senior adult outings, youth trips, VBS, mission trips, etc.

2.  BSU Building - Besides serving our BSU ministry and the students of TRCC, our building is available for any of our member churches to use.  It features a meeting space which can seat about 80, along with a complete sound booth of audio visiual equipment.  The building also has a kitchen, a conference room, and an extra office.

3.  Block Party Equipment - Our BPT is equipped with a popcorn maker, snow cone maker, cotton candy maker, several games, some sound equipment, and a bounce house.

4.  Video projector - This has all the attachments so that it can easily be hooked up to a computer or DVD player.

5.  Computers:  Although these are not the newest most up to date machines, they are satisfactory for many needs within a church.

6.  Coolers, ladders, and A-frame signs

7.  Assistance with promotional material including printing.

8.  Disaster relief equipment